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CLASSIC CONNECTORS USA, LLC. (CCU) a Mansfield, OH based manufacturing company is licensed by CLASSIC CONNECTORS, INC. (CCI) an electrical connector manufacturing company based in Clinton, OH. CCI’s President Emeritus is Mr. Waymon Goch. Mr. Goch has over 47 years experience in research, development, design, testing and application of products for the electric power utility and overhead transit markets. CCI creates new, revolutionary designs of electrical connectors for the power utility industry that are innovative, better, cost-effective, faster and/or safer. Our designs and products are purchased by electrical power utilities in what the industry refers to as “transmission” and “distribution” of electrical power. CCI focuses on innovative products that address the current and intermediate needs of the transmission and distribution electric power industry in the USA and Canada. We focus on designs that are new, innovative, and address these needs to satisfy the market as well as provide system reliability. Our designs are unique and the solution addresses the market’s need in a manner not yet seen. The CCI R & D team has the proven ability to update and improve existing products, design innovative new products, and offer a vision of future needs to exceed the market demand.