Safe TC commenced operations in 2003 was founded by Josef Susser. As a business that provides all the required electrical contractors, builders contractors power stations, transformer stations, factories have electricians, electrical and mechanical


Tools isolated, tools for working with gas Tools Anti-magnetic and non Sparks, machines for gas, SF6, oil treatment transformers, equipment testing and calibration of hedging instruments, work clothes, safeguard personal, according to the Electricity Law, Mechanical pull cable, measuring devices, instruments monitoring savings maintenance, insulators, electrical cables from all walks of 

tensions and more.

Safe T.C. Israel exclusively represent leading companies from the U.S., Canada and Europe.
Experience of over forty years of work in the electricity to electric operation, maintenance and electrical workshop adds the professional aspect and allows the customer to receive professional help in solving problems.
Another area consulting and writing practices, safety and organization of the electric each plant and to prevent accidents and proper management of the electricity and labor.

Safe T.C. helps customers to maintain employee safety and integrity of the customer's electrical systems.